Seeing Around Corners

First published in Island Magazine in 2007, Seeing Around Corners is a short story that tells of a young Russian orphan adopted by an Australian couple who run a rural post office. His parents being accidentally in Pripyat rather than Moscow at the time of his birth, the boy is mocked and bullied in his new school yard for his claim to have been born at the exact moment of the explosion at Chernobyl. However, he has weapons at his disposal to exact a kind of revenge…


February being a time of year he associated with the deep rigour of ice, and blinding cold, Nikolai had not yet adjusted to this southern regime of total and consuming heat when, in the first days of the month, he was presented at the local high school. ‘Your teacher will be Mr. Grip,’ he was told, before being left to stand in the middle of an office while Jacinta, his foster mother, was somewhere on the edge of his vision, negotiating.

As Island’s online archive does not got back to 2007, the full story is available on this PDF:

Seeing Around Corners


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